Welcome to the 19th Annual College Football Bowl Challenge!

Rules for the College Bowl Challenge:

  1. Pick a winner for each of the 39(!) (plus the Championship game) 2017/2018 college football bowl games
  2. Rank each game from 1-39, assigning a number once and only once. Give 39 points to the winner you feel most confident in, and 1 point to your least favorite pick.
  3. Get your ballot and the $5 entry fee to me before the first game is played on Dec. 17th. Any mailed entries must be postmarked on or before Dec. 17th. You can enter as often as you wish, as long as each entry into the pool includes its own $5 fee.
  4. If the team you pick is the winner of the game, you get the number of points you assigned the game. In ties, both teams count as "winners".
  5. After all bowl games have been played, points will be totaled and players ranked in decreasing point order. The player with the greatest number of points is the winner. The tiebreaker in all cases will be the player who comes closest to guessing the total number of points scored in the CFP Championship game. Any further ties will then just split the winnings (ie., a 2 way tie for first will split 75% of the pool).
  6. Pool will be split as follow:

How do you want to play today?

You can enter one of two ways. You can either fill out a form on the web or print out an HTML page and mail it in.

If you want to fill out a form on the web (HIGHLY PREFERRED!), click HERE

Otherwise, you will have to print out the form and send it in. So just click HERE, print it, fill it out and send it in.

In any case, get your entry to me by e-mail, snail mail or in person (including the $5 for the pool - I suggest PayPal, using my jdarnold@buddydog.org email address as payee) by kickoff of the first game, which is the New Orleans Bowl on the 16th at 1:00pm EDT. Send your entry fee & form to:

   2017 College Football Bowl Challenge
   c/o Jonathan Arnold
   32 Rita Drive
   Medford, MA 02155
Send me email if you want to figure out some other way of getting me the fee. Standings will be posted each morning after a day of bowl fever.

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